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Leveraging Team 360 to Drive Business-Enhancing Change Across the Enterprise

Updated: Feb 9

Oxford Academic

Abstract — This chapter tells the story of a how a team-driven 360 Feedback solution was used with an executive team at Whirlpool Corporation to increase the team’s ability to address pressing business challenges. It describes the team-based 360 Feedback solution in detail and illustrates how feedback helped this leadership team develop. Specifically, the team 360 solution was used to help the team identify their strengths and gaps, receive impactful quantitative and qualitative feedback, gain self-awareness, and engage in a productive discussion regarding how to address and improve team performance to drive a strategic business agenda.

The launch and delivery of the process with this core leadership team led to organization-wide change and benefits that, 6 years later, still positively impacted teams across the company.

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