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Leadership Insight: Provide More, Better Feedback

Did you know that most employees express wanting more feedback from their managers?

Majority of Employees Report Wanting More Feedback

This desire isn't surprising since specific, well-timed feedback helps employees understand where they stand, identify what they need to improve, and get clear on what they should continue doing to drive their success.

Yet, despite its clear impact, feedback is woefully under-given and utilized.

In fact, 28% of employees receive it only a few times a year, and 19% report getting it once a year or less.

19% of employees get feedback only one time per year

This is quite a missed opportunity!

The challenge we often see?

Many leaders simply aren't equipped with the tools and skills to provide consistent feedback.

They offer feedback during structured, planned reviews (often 1-2 times per year) and they overlook chances to provide on-the-spot, timely coaching on a regular basis.

This isn't an awareness gap - in fact, many managers recognize the importance of frequent frequent, but end up prioritizing discussion of tactical, project-focused work in their employee conversations as that's something they know how to discuss.

This is something we'd refer to as the age old knowing-doing gap. They know what they should do, but aren't actually doing it.

The solution?

Equip your managers by providing actionable, practical training on how to provide feedback, facilitate productive career development conversations, and take advantage of day-to-day "coaching moments."

In our coaching skills training, we teach attendees to master three fundamental, skills:

These skills are not groundbreaking or splashy—they’re practical and particularly useful when combined and delivered in the right moments.

They also necessitate a natural “give and take” between a leader or manager and the person being coached – both giving feedback and insight while creating space for the other person to open up and share.

It’s a delicate balance to be struck, to be clear, yet when mastered, applied, and combined – these skills help professionals unlock the power of high quality career, development, and feedback conversations.

The benefits?

Clearer expectations, better development discussions, and more engaged, productive employees.

Overtime, you create a feedback-rich culture, retain and grow your top talent, and begin to attract more ambitious, high performers to the organization as well.

That's what we'd call a win all-around.


Want to explore how you can equip your managers to provide feedback to your employees? Reach out, we'd love to help you!

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